Titleist Tips: Imagination in the Short Game

There’s more than one way to crack an egg and in golf, this most apparent in the short game. You’ll tend to use your stock chipping or pitching technique for most finesse wedge shots (with the odd flop shot thrown in occasionally), but if you pay attention, sometimes the course architect will whisper in your ear.

In this video, Titleist staff member Trillium Rose is facing a challenging shot – she’s playing from a tight lie short of a significantly elevated green. As Trillium explains, her stock pitch shot will work in this situation. It’s a safe play. But by taking a closer look at the green complex and finding the clues the architect has put into the design, Trillium uncovers a second (and more fun) option.

The next time you play, keep your mind open to imaginative opportunities like the one Trillium demonstrates. It will broaden your short game skills and the course will reward you when you uncover its secrets.

For more tips and drills from Trillium and other Titleist Staff Members, visit Titleist Instruction: https://bit.ly/2W4QkIR

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