Titleist Tips: Consistent Aim and Alignment

To aim properly, both your clubface and and your body need to be properly aligned to the target. As Titleist Staff Instructor Justin Parsons shares in the video above, the most efficient way of aligning your clubface is to use an intermediate target. Pick out something small, two to three feet in front if your ball and in dirt line with your target (a leaf, pebble, imperfection in the turf, etc.) Align the clubface square to that object and send the ball straight over it. Practice by putting a golf tee out in front of you when you practice and get used to flying your golf ball right over the tee.

To establish proper body alignment, become acquainted with your lead shoulder as you aim your clubface and address the ball. Get familiar with where your lead shoulder is positioned in space, relative to your target. As you glance from your ball up at your target, be aware of your lead shoulder in your peripheral vision. You’ll develop a sense of when your lead shoulder appears too far away from the target (open alignment) and when it’s too close (Closed alignment). Soon you’ll learn to use your lead shoulder to orientate and dial in your body alignment. And when your body alignment is correct, your swing direction, your club path all have a much better chance of being consistent.

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