Titleist Tips: How to Swing the Club Faster by Using Ground Forces

If you’ve ever watched a PGA TOUR event on television, and a big hitter faces a long shot, it’s likely that you’ve heard an analyst say something like, “He’s got another gear when he needs it”.

On TOUR, every player has speed. Even when it appears that they’re swinging easy, the golf ball flies incredible distances. And when they rear back and use that extra gear, the results can be jaw-dropping.

How do they do it? Yes, it’s true that today’s top golfers are athletes – stronger, fitter and more sophisticated in their training methods than tour players from other eras. But they are also much better versed in biomechanics and physiology.

Translation: they know how to move their bodies in order to move the club in the most powerful and efficient ways possible.

And as Titleist staff member Michael Breed shares in the video above, one of the key ways modern players generate speed is by leveraging forces off the ground to accelerate the business end of the club.

Watch Michael demonstrate and see how you can use the ground to boost your speed, too!

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